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descend from the lofty heights of cleverness to the verdant valleys of foolishness.


quality of impression

One interesting question is whether or not Gutenberg’s final printing surface was the original moveable type or a secondary casting from an intermediate mold the size of a page or column. What happens to the actual image of type when it goes from design to print is the topic for another day. First we wrestle with the vague word “quality” and how it applies to the pressure...


Earl Kallemeyn has been fooling around with letterpress printing since his father Al gave up on the subject and little Earl got his wooden spacing material, aka “furniture,” for building blocks. He writes about letterpress printing and tangents of the subject here at KallemeynPress.com.

forged in hell

The Netherlands was a haven for printers and publishers who largely escaped the religious restrictions of the rulers and clergy in effect in other countries. This until Baruch Spinoza published his Tractatus calling into question the viability of miracles. For this philosophical gambit he earned himself a most complete excommunication from his original religious community as well as an equally...

set on edge

When Jakob Kallemeyn deserted Napoleon’s army for An-dijk in Friesland we assume it was as much if not more for Napoleon’s modernizing tendencies than his military fail-ures. He chooses the warlike Friesland, notable for uniquely staving off the Vikings and the Romans; as well as bitter family blood feuds. Jakob marries into the family of a prominent seed-grower in Andijk, notable for...

Lead is Dead copyright 2023 Earl Kallemeyn