Lead is Dead copyright 2023 Earl Kallemeyn


End-of-line decisions

The choices of how and when to begin each new line of type in a book makes the lines and pages of that book rather better or worse. The fact that these choices cannot be made today using Adobe InDesign gives us books that are poorer than they used to be. In order to avoid the worst results of the bad end-of-line decisions caused by software algorithms, line lengths have been made too long, or the...


Sometimes you need a divorce and sometimes you just need to tap out till another day. Doing custom work is risky, for those who like a challenge. Sometimes the risk is too much and you need to get out. It’s nice to know how to get it across in a few words that those in the trade understand. When the work in the print shop is given out, the boss says, “this is for you.” When...

Lead is Dead copyright 2023 Earl Kallemeyn